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Wireline Operator/Technician - offshore
Permanent      Salary: £ 50000 - £ 55000

The Wireline Operator  will be responsible for operating and maintaining wireline equipment used for downhole operations.
Key Responsibilities:
Operate wireline equipment and tools, ensuring proper functioning, calibration, and maintenance.
 Adhere to safety protocols and procedures, ensuring compliance with company policies, industry regulations, and best practices.
Assist in the rig-up and rig-down of wireline equipment at well sites. Ensure proper installation, alignment, and functioning of equipment. Follow established procedures for safe rig-up and rig-down operations.
Assist in maintaining wireline tools, equipment, and inventory. Conduct routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and minor repairs.
Qualifications and Skills:
Prior experience working as a Wireline Operator or in a related field.
Knowledge of wireline tools, equipment, and their functions.
Familiarity with wellsite operations, downhole tools, and intervention techniques.

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