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Senior Coiled Tubing Engineer - offshore
Permanent      Salary: £ 450 - £ 550

Coiled Tubing Specialist required to deliver Perforation Services on Murlach coiled tubing design and the engineering aspect to deliver coiled tubing perforation. You will ensure equipment sourcing / tracking, equipment readiness, personnel, job planning, risk assessment, execution procedures and project close out.
Role requirements
15 years work experience in coiled tubing with at least 5 years’ experience in the field and recent experience as Desk Engineer in a similar role.
Delivery of executing coiled tubing perforation on CIRP reverse deployment system.
Experience in executing coiled tubing runs with CIRP connectors and reverse deployment system.
API RP 16ST (Coiled Tubing Well Control Equipment) and API RP 67 (Explosives Safety) compliances.
Role responsibilities
Coiled tubing job planning and operations, design and simulation modelling, and a complete delivery of: Job procedures, stack up diagram, layout diagram, risk assessments, HAZID and HAZOP study, job execution, and troubleshooting.
Work on system SIT on coiled tubing perforating setup, equipment layout, equipment stack up and execution of the SIT.

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